The Ambient Difference

  •   Every  country in the world is faced with waste management issues. The Ambient  Technology addresses these problems on a sustainable basis. We use  advanced Recycling Technology by means of Thermal  Distillation/Depolymerization to convert a given feedstock into value  added products of gas, oil and carbon. This sustainable technology has  been commercialized in the past 10 years. There is near 100% recovery of  material in the form of gas, oil and carbon. All of these products can  be marketed and used in various applications including power, steam,  blend fuel, filters, bio-char, etc. 

Safe, Carbon Neutral and Versatile


  • •Ambient Energy offers the state-of-the-art advanced Thermal Distillation/Depolymerization technology and systems development.
  • •Our  systems are manufactured, certified and installed to meet the most  rigorous design specifications for quality, optimized performance and  efficiency.
  • •The systems offer the latest features in safety, process control technology and modular skid mounted design. 
  • •The  system is able to utilize a wide range of carbon bearing feedstocks  including  tires, plastics, roofing shingles, biomass etc. to produce  high quality biogas and liquid and carbon.