M3RP (Material, Recycling and Resource Recovery Plant), is a robust machine that can handle several different feedstock’s. The technology is a conversion/transformation system that is known as pyrolysis and depolymerization, which processes carbon based feedstocks (such as roofing shingles) in an oxygen free environment. The process is based on time and temperature in an oven and as the material decomposes, vapors are formed and condensed to gas and oil. During this process, fixed carbon is also produced.


M3RP System

Advantages of M3RP system

Waste Conversion Technology

  1. Proven State-of-the Art Technology

  2. Production of value added products including carbon and fuel

  3. Cost Effective

  4. Environmentally Safe

  5. Modular and Scalable

  6. Carbon Neutral

  7. Operator Friendly

M3RP Waste Conversion System

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