M3RP is a Recycling Technology by means of Thermal Distillation/Depolymerization to convert a given feedstock into value added products of gas, oil and carbon. This sustainable technology has been commercialized in the past 10 years. There is near 100% recovery of material in the form of gas, oil and carbon. All of these products can be marketed and used in various applications including power, steam, blend fuel, filters, bio-char, etc. The following categories of feedstock are applicable to our business development for carbon management:

1.Tires (scrap)


    a.Municipal solid waste


    c.Wastewater Biosolids (Sludge)

    d.Agricultural crop residue, i.e., mint, hops, straw,

            peat, coffee, bagasse, etc.

    e.Animal manure

3.Post-Consumer Plastic

4.Medical Waste


M3RP Process

Waste Conversion Technology

M3RP Waste Conversion System

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