At Ambient Energy, we aim to create energy efficient, cost effective, environmentally compliant, and socially acceptable for all of the world communities to benefit from. We are committed to being flexible and creative in our design and implementation of our equipment. Our models are design to create new "green jobs", which encourage industries to utilize green power, recycled products, while reducing their green house emissions. It will also force them to practice environmentally sound business practices.


Our Mission

Management Team

About Ambient Energy

Philip Bridges

Mr. Bridges has 30 years experience in pyrolysis/gasification applications related to the  waste management business. Mr. Bridges is a owner/principal of Ambient Energy, LLC, which assists clients in developing waste stream solutions through pyrolysis/gasification technology.

Michael Lindberg

Mr. Lindberg has been in the green industry for 10 years, with the last five at Ambient Energy, LLC. He has an extensive background in business development, financing, risk management, project costing and revenue forecasting.

James N. Jory, Jr.

He has been an attorney in private practice, licensed in Washington State, and his areas of specialization included international business, business transactions, securities law, civil litigation and employment law.

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